What the hell is Tumblr?

And what is this display now? As amusing as you are —


i think about this episode a lot


i think about this episode a lot


ALONE by photographer Mikko Lagerstedt.

I know a guy who loves chemicals SO much….he might as well be Walter White.
Paul F. Tompkins on Paul Rust (who loves chemicals so much hemightaswellbeWalterWhiteoverhere)


getyerguns said: Didn’t Justin say they were recording a new album or Ep or something a few months ago or did I dream it? I could have sworn i heard something but it’s been quiet since.

If I remember correctly, I think the last I heard was they had a few new songs written and maaaaaaybe recorded. But they have no time to work on Brighten because Justin is touring with Dan+Shay. And I’m sure the other guys have obligations as well.

That sounds about right. So i’m going to be thinking 2018 we’ll be getting it. Glad for Justin’s success but man i wish they had put a few albums on standby or something to release every year haha.


“Glitter Outer Space”